Episode 7

Penetration Testing FAQs

In this episode Sean Mahoney is joined by Stanley Li and Professor Michael Lassiter from Netswitch to discuss some of the most commonly asked questions about penetration tests, which include:

  • How do I know a pen test is effective?  
  • How do we set the goals of the pen test? Will you make recommendations to the business?
  • How can we trust your automated tool? 
  • Do I need a black box test for PCI-DSS or HIPAA compliance?
  • When you send the post pen test report to us, what are supposed to do with it? 
  • How long should it take to do the remediation work?
  • Do we have to remedy the vulns or do you?
  • How do we know the vulns found in the pen test are corrected properly?
  • My vendor (or customer) wants to see the pen test results as part of their supply chain review. Should I share it with them?

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Stanley Li

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Sean Mahoney

In today’s disparate workplace and the advances of technology, it is increasingly important to leverage technology to meet business requirements and drive cost savings. Sean is experienced in translating the technical to non-technical audiences.
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James Watson

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